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  The BOOK of TELLING. Tracing the Secrets of My Father’s Lives. SHARONA MUIR. The Book of Telling'' is a new memoir by the award-winning author Sharona Muir, published by Random House/Schocken Books. The author discovered by accident, after the death of her father, that he had invented Israel's first rocket, and had been a member of a secret group of scientists who had created weapons during Israel's war of independence.  The memoir describes Muir's journey to Israel to seek out the scientists, learn their story, and discover her father's hidden past.  Woven through her search are memories of her brilliant father, Itzhak Bentov, a medical inventor whose work, in various forms, is still saving lives; and whose wildly imaginative ideas about consciousness and the cosmos shaped Muir's girlhood. Ultimately, the memoir is about the creative human spirit: about invention, self-invention, and the inspiring, if complex, love between father and daughter. The book will appeal to anyone with an interest in Israel, in highly creative people and their ways, in stories of Americans discovering their family roots -- and in fine prose. The website contains advance praise for ''The Book of Telling,'' samples of its photographic illustrations, author information, links, contact information, a guestbook, and a copyright page.. www.thebookoftelling.com

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